Thursday, 16 February 2012


This morning and for the first part of the afternoon I was trying to do some product photos for a review for my photo website blog. For one of the shots, I was trying to photograph the item on glass with a light on the background behind it. (The positioning of the object meant you could photograph it standing up on a surface like you would with a normal product photo).

Unfortunately, the glass slipped off the stools I had it balanced between, smashed, and also damaged the mount board I was using as the background. So I had spend a while clearing the mess up.

From Rusty's blog

For the rest of the afternoon I made a couple of cakes with L. We had two egg yolks in the fridge left over from making a Lemon cake a few days ago. So I had been looking for recipes that use egg yolks, and found one that needed three egg yolks. But when I got the egg yolks out of the fridge, they didn't look that great.

So rather than risk it, we threw them away and used yolks from three new eggs. But then that meant that we now had three egg whites. So L found a recipe that used egg whites. I think it was meant to come out similar to angel cake. But actually it came out very flat, so we decided to change it to a giant Jaffa Cake recipe.

But we don't have any orange marmalade, so actually it will be a giant Strawberry cake.

In the evening I watched The Soviet Story. It was quite good, but the way it was filmed, and especially how it was narrated, made it seem like some badly done propaganda. After that I watched the last part of Everything is a remix:

Everything is a Remix Part 4 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

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