Saturday, 11 February 2012

Pano processing

This morning there was a really nice hoar frost covering everything. But I got up quite late (about 8am), and by the time I'd had my breakfast, done the washing, taken a few photos in the garden, and put food out for the birds, the frost had started to melt.

So I decided that rather go out and take photos of trees covered in half melted frost, I'd stay in and work on processing the panos I took yesterday. It's kind of annoying because the same panos I took yesterday would look a lot better if I'd taken them this morning. As well as the hoar frost making the trees look much nicer today, the sun was also clearer rather than shining through hazy clouds. (Sun shining through hazy clouds usually just results in a large lump of sky being blown out white in the photo).

In the evening I also watched an episode of Star Trek Enterprise with Mauser and Bo and played on Secret of Mana with them.

I managed to finish processing the panos I took yesterday, but I haven't finished doing the descriptions for them all.

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