Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I had a strange spam comment on one of my blogs today (marked as spam by Askimet):

It’s one of my farovite places in Korea. The spring and fall are some of the best times to go, since the flora comes alive! I’m glad you enjoyed this presentation. I had a blast making it!

The odd thing is that it's on topic, and it seems strange that spammers would be purposefully targeting posts about Korea. The other odd thing is that the poster's name was given as Harry, and website link as, which links to a profile page of one of the members of the pop group One Direction (unless it's a fake profile). I don't know why a spammer would do that.

It is spam though, as well as Askimet picking it up, the line I’m glad you enjoyed this presentation. I had a blast making it! doesn't make sense. Also, One Direction are an English group, so if it was really one of them commenting they wouldn't use American terms like farovite and fall. (Though I must admit I do write in US English on some of my blogs).

This morning I finished processing a pano, then spent the rest of the afternoon and first part of the afternoon uploading it, along with 3 other panos.

When I checked one of the panos on the map on my photo website, I found that the marker for the photo was staying there when I zoomed out, instead of clustering. The cluster marker was loading, just the un-clustered marker wasn't being removed. So I spent quite a while looking at my code and stepping the javascript using Chrome's js debugger, but there didn't seem to be any problem.

When I checked it again, it was now working okay. I really don't understand how the marker didn't get removed the first time I checked. It seems hard to believe that the browser would skip some javascript logic. But it is also equally strange how the logic worked correctly on subsequent reloads.

After that I started work on another pano.

In the evening I watched Terminator 4 and Winter Watch.

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