Thursday, 23 February 2012

Pano processing

Today I was working on some panos from Hakone.

In the evening I watched Bodyguards and Assassins with Mauser and Bo. I thought it was really good. Similar to Once Upon a time in China 2, it was about the visit of Sun Yat-Sen to Hong Kong. I think that probably if I hadn't seen Once Upon a time in China 2 and read a bit about the revolution on Wikipedia, I might have found Bodyguards and Assassins a bit harder to follow.

The first part of the film is just setting up the characters, and it seems like the film is going to be a historical drama. I thought it was done very well though, with good acting, story, and cinematography. But then later in the film we get a lot of really great action sequences and fights. I also really appreciated the revolutionary propaganda aspect of the film, and thought it was put across very well.

Both Terminator 4 and the film we watched today were streamed on the Lovefilm website (Mauser has a subscription). The quality is pretty good considering, the only thing I noticed really is that smoke / gradients can be quite blocky.

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