Thursday, 28 June 2012


This morning I added the blog post I wrote yesterday to my photo website and also added the recipe I wrote up yesterday to my cooking website. I did some vacuuming and put the washing out as well.

In the afternoon I read this article about to easily make a Wordpress site mobile friendly: Make Your WordPress Website Mobile-​​Friendly in Minutes. It sounded quite quick and easy, so I thought I'd take a look.

The WordPress Mobile Edition plugin seemed to have quite a few support questions with no answers. So that indicated to me that the plugin wasn't being supported and may not be updated.

The other plugin, wpTouch, looked like it was still being supported, but unfortunately it doesn't play nicely with W3 Total Cache, which is the caching plugin I'm using: WPTouch + W3 Total Cache - must disable browser caching? So it looks like I won't be making my Wordpress sites mobile friendly in minutes at all.

I read an interesting idea on istock feast. Someone placed a camera round the neck of a friend, then took photos using a wireless shutter release. I don't know if they fixed the focus or had it on AF, but quite an innovative idea.

I did some work on my photo website for the rest of the afternoon.

In the evening I watched an episode of The Office (UK) with Mauser and Bo. Then I went out for a walk to test my new Olympus 24mm lens that arrived today and also the Lee Tricolor red filter for IR photography.

There was quite a nice sunset, but unfortunately since I was concerned with testing the red filter primarily, and the 24mm lens secondly, I hadn't packed any longer lenses. The sunset was nice to look at, but was only occupying a small part of the sky, and really needed a longer lens than 24mm for a good photo.

One thing I hadn't considered when buying the Olympus 24mm lens was its filter size. Kind of ironic since I wrote an article only recently that mentioned you should look at the filter size when looking to buy a camera / lens. The lens didn't seem to have the thread diameter printed on it, so I had to look it up online.

The thread diameter is 49mm, which I don't have any step-up rings for. I managed to find a 49-58mm step-up ring and 58-77mm step-up ring on Amazon that were available with expedited delivery. 77mm is the size of my polarising filter, and 58mm is the size my Canon lenses use. Mauser still had his Amazon prime trial, so I asked him to buy those, plus a 16GB Duracell CF card. Hopefully they will be delivered tomorrow.

The Duracell CF card I wanted just in case I decide to shoot much video while we're away in Germany. I was initially looking at a Kingston 'Ultimate' card, but according to the Amazon reviews the write speed was very slow. I did some research and found the Rob Galbraith Card comparison database, which actually let me see the best cards specifically tested on the 5d MkII. The Sandisk cards were obviously the best, but the Duracell Pro Photo 600x card did pretty well. Searching for it on Amazon, it was about £29 compared to something like £21 for the rubbish Kingston and something like £45 for a Sandisk.

I'm still waiting for the raincover for my bag and also an intervalometer for the 5d2 to arrive, so I hope they some tomorrow as well. Going on holiday is very expensive with all these extra things I'm buying to make the most of it!

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