Thursday, 18 April 2013

Article creating

Most of this week I have just been working on an article for my photo tips website. It was about product photography on a cheap budget. Part of this involves controlling the lighting, and I was reading about how you can get barn doors for a speedlight flash: Barn Doors and Blue Dragons. (Normally barn doors are just available for studio strobes).

Unfortunately the barn doors listed in that article seem only to be available from B&H in the US, and now cost $20 instead of $10. When you add on postage to the UK, they become extremely expensive. Surprisingly I couldn't find alternatives anywhere else (e.g. eBay).

But you can make your own, I followed this tutorial here: How to make barn doors. It worked reasonably well, though the use of foil as a hinge does make controlling the exact angle of the doors a bit tricky. What you need really is a proper hinge, though it would need to be stiff rather than loose. Are they even available?

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