Saturday, 27 April 2013


After finally getting the VHD image for IE9 downloaded and set up yesterday evening, I found that it didn't work and said it wasn't a licensed copy of Windows. I checked the download page to see if there were any notes on how to activate it, and noticed that it said the latest versions had moved to modern.IE.

So, what was the point in keeping up the old outdated downloads? Just to waste people's time? Why didn't they just point directly to the downloads on the website instead of having a page of downloads that won't work when you try to run them?

I must have wasted about 3 hours of time yesterday trying to download the different parts of the IE9 VHD yesterday, only to find out today that I need to re-download the whole thing, but as an updated version from a different website. Very annoying.

After getting the latest IE9 VHD set up from, I found that it would keep logging me out. I haven't looked into why too much (other than to know that it's not screen saver or power saving settings). But at least I could check my website in IE9.

In the afternoon I made some cakes.

In the evening I watched a weird film with Mauser called The White Bus. Then we went on a walk along the canal, but didn't find any bees.

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