Monday, 1 April 2013

No PC = make hot X buns

Since I had no computer, this morning I just read some of a Rodchenko book. It was a bit disappointing really as it was arranged into sets of pages featuring his work, alternating with sets of pages containing an essay on Rodchenko / his work. The essays often referenced Rodchenko's work, but since the essays had no / few pictures, you couldn't actually see what they were referring to.

A format where the book was a paragraph of essay with relevant images on each page would have been much better in my opinion.

After church I checked the forum thread I started yesterday about my broken PSU. One person said it should be safe to test, and the other person said the bang could have been the fuse. So I tested the PSU with pins 14 and 15 shorted on the motherboard connector. (See instructions here: Tutorial: Suspect a Dead PSU? How to be sure).

With the power lead that I normally have connected to the computer, nothing happened when I switched it on. I tried another lead and it made a crackling noise when switched on (I quickly switched it off again).

So the person that said the bang might have been the fuse was probably right. (The fuse was certainly gone anyway). I'm glad they mentioned that though or I probably wouldn't have thought about the fuse and then wondered why my new PSU (when I get one) wasn't working.

After dinner I watched Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger with Billy. Most of the rest of the day I spent making hot cross buns. In the evening I went on animal crossing as it was Bunny Day.

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