Tuesday, 2 April 2013


This morning I finished making the hot cross buns I was making yesterday. The biggest size tray we have will only fit 6 buns, and the top oven (used for rising the buns) will only fit one tray. The recipe makes 15 buns, so I made 6 yesterday, and then the rest this morning.

I wrote up yesterday's and part of the previous day's blog posts.

Yesterday when I was looking for PSU reviews on anandtech I came across the Razer Edge, a gaming tablet that has a nice controller add-on. This adds gaming controls on either side of the tablet. I would like something similar for the nexus 7. Unfortunately the Razer edge controller only works with the Razer Edge tablet and is very expensive.

An alternative I found, though maybe not quite as good, as it positions the controls directly below the screen rather than to either side, is the GameKlip. For the universal clip, this is a clip that glues to a tablet / phone case. The clip then let's you clip a PS3 controller into it.

The GameKlip costs $20, plus postage to the UK would be quite a bit. Then an extra £5-10 for a case, and a dual shock 3 controller appears to be around £15 - £30 on eBay. There is also an extra £1.07 for the six axis controller app needed to work with the dual shock controller. Since I don't play a lot of games or use my Nexus 7 much, this is too expensive for me. It is good to know that there is a solution available though.

Before lunch Shaz came up to visit for a few days.

After lunch I finished putting the components back in my PC. Hopefully I can buy a replacement PSU from Arkel tomorrow, then it will just need screwing in and everything connected up.

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