Thursday, 11 April 2013


We got our first clump of frogspawn (this year) in our pond today and Mrs Blackbird started making a new nest (just over the fence next door).

I made a swiss roll, but one of the yolks was marbled so I only used 3 yolks instead of 4. I wondered what blackbird eggs would be like, and found some info here: Eggs

I've eaten pheasant and blackbird eggs (the nest was disturbed i'm not evil), one had the embryo inside and had been kicked out of the nest mind you...!

But the ones that were undeveloped and thus like eggs that you buy to eat taste very interesting, delicious for a start (if a bit gamey, which is a sign of high nutrition) slightly saltier tasting whites.

The yolk is a different kettle of fish to bought eggs, the blackbird eggs were almost red, rich 'creamy' tasting, not pasty, generally a much richer taste, like an egg most of us know just about 3x more concentrated taste with a wild edge.

Today I was mainly doing some website work. I also wrote an article for my photo tips website (but it still needs photos to illustrate it) and made a swiss roll.

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