Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Article writing

Most of today I was working on another article for my photo tips website.

In the afternoon I went out to take some photos, but forgot to check whether the camera had a memory card in it (it didn't), and didn't bring any spare memory cards either. So I just had a short walk instead.

In the evening I went out, remembering to put a memory card in the camera. Unfortunately the sun set behind a bank of cloud before I could finish my test (taking photos into the sun with different filters to see differences in flare). So I will probably need to go out again tomorrow or later this week to finish the test. I could just test shooting into a light at home, but I think doing real-life tests is better.

Also in the evening I watched part of the Ukraine vs. England match. England are certainly playing better now than they have previously, but they're still not particularly good. They went on a few good runs, but often seemed to loose the ball.

And I played on Beautiful Katamari with Billy and Mauser as well.

Oh, and I ordered some new camera bags - the Lowepro Fastpack 350 for a backpack from Amazon, and a smaller shoulder bag from eBay. I checked the Lowepro bag would be okay for a carry-on with Ryanair, and apparently a few other people have used it okay on Ryanair: Lowepro Fastpack 350 on Ryanair Cabin Baggage.

Strangely the Lowepro Fastpack 350 I was watching on eBay sold for £52, while it sells on Amazon for £49. I think the Amazon one is probably black, while the eBay one is red and black. Personally I prefer the black colour one.

I really don't understand why people bid so much for things on eBay. I'd rather spend a little more (or a little less in this case) and get the product new with warranty. I suspect returns are easier and cheaper on Amazon as well. On eBay you normally wouldn't get the postage costs refunded.

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