Monday, 25 June 2012

Writing and walking

This morning I wrote an article for my photo tips website. In the afternoon I took a few photos in the garden, then went out on a walk.

I took my new Lowepro fastpack 350 backpack and also the new small shoulder bag on the walk with me. I did get quite a sweaty back from the backpack unfortunately, so it's back cooling system doesn't work too well. It is quite big really.

The strap of the shoulder bag also dug into my neck a bit due to the way I carry it (with the strap over over shoulder and the bag on the opposite side of the body). I think that probably I might use the shoulder bag only for daytime city photoing, and the backpack for mountain walking. Of course, mountain walking is what will be sweatier, but also you generally want to carry more stuff on a countryside walk.

Here are some photos that I took on today's walk:

In the evening today I watched an episode each of Mahabarat and The Office (UK) with Mauser and Bo.

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