Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Article writing

The other day I bought an Oly 24mm lens on ebay for £130. I thought I got a pretty good deal as another one I was watching that finished slightly later went for £186. The more expensive one was a later serial number (220764). But the one I bought was looks to be #216333, so not too much older I should think, and it will be multicoated. So I don't know why the other one went for so much more.

But then, I spotted another one on my watch list that had finished. It was serial #201044, so multicoated. It also included the hood and pouch, not included with the auctions. This had sold for only £132.50, which is a better deal than I got since it includes the hood and pouch.

But the annoying thing is that this auction finished between the lens I won, and the other one that went for a high amount. But at that time, it wasn't showing up in my watch list. (I think I added it to my watch list about a week ago, I don't keep track of all the listings I watch, so didn't realise it had disappeared). Then it reappeared in the watch list after the auction had completed. Why?

Another annoying ebay thing happened when I was watching a rain cover to go with my LowePro Fastpack 350 (as it doesn't come with an all weather cover). It was about £1, then I went away to do some cooking. I came back a bit before the auction should have ended to check it, but it had disappeared! There weren't any other cheap ones on ebay, and since I need the cover for next week, I had to buy a much more expensive one for about £8. Grrr!

I guess the lesson could be to make sure you put a snipe bid on goofbay as soon you find an auction you want to win. But I think that could quite easily to lead to a problem where you forget you've put a snipe bid on goofbay and end up buying the same thing more than once.

I spent most of today writing an article for my photo tips website, and then writing one for my web dev website.

Here are some photos I took the other day with my old Panasonix FZ5 and the Raynox DCR-250 diopter lens:

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