Wednesday, 27 June 2007


This week so far I have only been staying at work until 7pm as it has been quite cloudy and I thought it might be too dark to go home at 8pm. On Monday after work I watched Saw, which had a skill twist at the end. On Tuesday I watched Prince of Egypt, which was nae very good, althought the animation and drawing was okay.

Today at work quite a few people were going off to the conference, but before they went we had a leaving cake for me and also I got a leaving present of an ipod shuffle, mains power adaptor for it, adaptor to play it on the car stereo, and an itunes voucher - totally gokos.

At work this week I have been mainly sorting out my stuff and IT stuff and throwing lots of stuff away. Also, we have got Alan in again to do some more Crystal Reports, so I have been telling him what reports we want.

Food today
Breakfast: Last of the Strawberry crisp, banana, cup o' tea
Lunch: Peppered ham with salad sandwich, Cathedral City cheddar cheese with salad sandwich, white seedless grapes, 2 x clementines (or maybe satsumas, I dunno (In a puppy from Blinky bill voice).
Dinner: Burger in bun with cheese, tom ketch & sliced cherry tom, baked beanos, drink of coke. Pudding was flap jack & a Fairbreak chocolate bard.

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