Monday, 11 June 2007

flat tyre

Cycled to work, but got a flat tyre just as I came into Hangleton. I just cycled on it flat until I got into Michael Buerk about 8.35am. I waited until Henry, Lyra and Luke were all in (Kerrina was off) and then took my bike to Webbs cycles about 9.30am. Luck slush they said they'd be able to fit a new inner tube by the end of the day. I asked them if they look at the brakes as well since they're not very gokos now. They said they might not have enough time.

I was planning to leave work at 4.45pm so I could just pick up my bike and then carry on cycling (that should be a film) home. But at 4.30pm Suzanne asked if I could send out an email today, so I had to get my bike and then come back to work. I thought starting the bulk email would only take about 15 mins but actually it took age cheese so I only managed to leave work at 5.50pm.

When I got home jin the pin was home and also my gps had arrived. I went on my comp de la pomp to see if there was a better DXO offer than just the 20% off they currently have, but it looks like there is nae.

After that I ate dinner and made sandwiches. There was nae any washing up to do. I cleared the table. Then I went on my comp a bit more, then I watched Springwatch. After that I opened my gps and had a play on it. The map data that came with it is raddish, it seems to only have A roads on it or summat, Cuckfield road is nae on it anyway, and it said to get to Burgess Hill you should go up the A23, then to Cuckfield, then to Haywards Heath, then to Burgess Hill!!

In a second I will go to bed because I am sleep cheese.


Got up about 5.30am (I woke up early and could nae get back to sleep and I wanted to try and get better bug pics anyway). Had a shower etc, had to have breakfast by mi sen since Ben was still asleep. I went out in the garden to get some bug photos but the sun had been shining for quite a while and all the flies were flying around already so I could nae take their photos.

Started formatting my 500GB USB2 hard drive, which took age cheese. Went to church, luck slush mum said she would go to Hurst to and pick up granny, although granny did nae want to go anyway so I did nae have to do it laddox. I did have to do the chairs afterwards but people did nae hang around for a million years like they normal cheese do so that way okay doke as well chicken pell.

After that moohar got granny and we ate jin the pinner. My hard drive final cheese jin the pinished formatting so I started copying across files from my comp de la pomp to back them up.

In the cheesening I did aboot 3 panos laddox.


Got up 7.00am. Had a shower etc. Got Ben up and had breakfast with him. Went into the garden and took some photos of bugs for about an hour. Luck slush it was quite overcast and not very hot so they weren't very active, although I did nae manage to get many fly pics.

Did that for about an hour, then I spent the rest of the morning editing the pics on my comp. Ate lunch.

In the afternoon me & Ben went for a walk, to take photos of buttercup fields. I was thinking of one near Jack & Jill pub in Hassocks/Clayton but actual cheese we went a different way and found some there. I took my heavy tripod but forgot my nodal ninja and so did nae use it, doh!

I got some pictures of buttercup bill & his best friend Korky but I do nae think they're that gokos. It was a bit hazy and the sky was nae very blue. We also saw some sheared sheep that were brilliant white and looked a bit like goats.

When we got back mother was also back (she'd been out all day). I think we pobasquish just ate dinner then watched TV.

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