Tuesday, 12 June 2007


Cycled to work as normal. Got there about 8.35am. Tried to renew my tax disc online but the website did nae recognise the number printed on the letter they sent me. I renewed it over the phone on my lunch break, they charge £2.50 extra for paying by credit card so I had to pay by debit card.

Suzanne asked me if I could do something on the website today, but then she and Sally were in a meeting until after 5pm so I couldn't request paid overtime or speak to Suzanne to fins out what she wanted me to do. Luck Slush Sally came out of the meeting for a minute at about 4.45pm so I quickly asked her if I could work a couple of hours overtime today and she said yes.

So I worked 2 hours paid overtime and then an extra 15 minutes unpaid overtime after that speaking to Suzanne about something. Left work about 7.20pm, got home about 8.05pm.

Watched Springwatch, then Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain. He thought Maggie Thatcher was dead gokos for some cheeson? Then I made my sandwiches for Tom Morrow, did some washing up and cleared the table. Then I wrote this blog and next I will go to bed.

Breakfast: Coco Pops, cup o' tea.
Lunch: Chicken Tikka Spread sandwich, grated cheddar cheese with sweet and crunchy salad sandwich, apple, 2 x satsumas.
Dinner: Potato, baked beans, 2 x big sausage rolls. Pudding was meant to be stewed Rhubarb & custard, but that's raddish so I had Cherry Maderia and custard and a Time Out instead.

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