Saturday, 23 June 2007

Working lots

Not had time to do my blog really the last week as I have had to work quite late at work. Monday & tuesday I worked till 7pm, Wednesday & Thursday I worked till 8pm and on Friday I worked till 12am. Just having to write procedures on how to do stuff before I leave. Also on Friday I installed the latest version on EnterpriseMRM on all the client PCs.

Also, my comp has been broke lately, since I have been working late I haven't had time to look at it properly. So today, I started pulling the cables out the back of it so I could have a look at it, and I found that the VGA cable was nae plugged in properly, I plugged it in properly and now my PC works again.

When it starts up is does give an error for one of the hard drives, but I have tested them both with Seatools DOS and it says they are both okay (plus my PC works okay anyway).

I tried to buy robogeo last Sunday, but I put the country I lived in was Tonga, to try and avoid VAT. Unfortunate-cheese this meant the transaction did nae go through, although I had to email regsoft (the company that deals with orders for robogeo) twice to get any answer, and they are meant to email you to tell whether the transaction went through or not anyway.

So I tried again, this time setting UK as the country (so I had to pay about £8 VAT, making it just over £50 in total for Robogeo). The transaction went through this time, but again they did not email me the confirmation. I filled in the web form on the regsoft website twice requesting the confirmation, but never received it, even though I don't have any SPAM or junk mail filters on hotmail. After waiting a couple of days I replied to the email they sent me about the 1st transaction that didn't get through, and I did get a response that way, although they didn't respond with the confirmation details and just said if I give them an email address they'll re-send the confirmation email. Since I don't seem to be able to get their confirmation emails, I give them rad's email address. Hopefully they will actually send the email to him and he will receive it okay, and then I can start tagging all my images.

I also read in a PopPhoto article about Vista that Vista comes with a function that lets you add IPTC and EXIF data to images, which programs like Adobe Bridge can also read. So once I get the code to unlock robogeo I think I might go through my images geotagging and also adding other tags at the same time.

Today I fixed my comp and started running the disk checking prog. Spent most of the morning in the garden cleaning up weeds and stuff in the green house. I cleaned out the bird box and there was a family of dead bluetit chicks in there. They weren't very big, I wonder why they all died?

I also saw a toad or a frog in the garden and there was a wierd spider with really long thin legs on the bird box.

After that I started to watch casino royale, then we ate lunch, then finished watching casino royale, then I went on my comp and started typing this.

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