Saturday, 14 July 2007

skilk 103.2 dream

Had a skill dream where there was this woman who had captured Batman (Batman was a baddie) and the chief police bloke also had someone he thought was batman. Both the possible batmans were with the chief behind his desk. I think the batmans were wrapped up in bandages like a mummy so you could nae see them properly.

The woman who caught the real batman was in front of the desk and there were also lots of press sitting down in the middle of the room and guards in the corners. The police chief said that he thought one batman was the real one and the woman thought the other one was real, so they would see. The real batman wasn't very muscley but the fake batman was muscley and confident, so it looked like the fake batman would be the real one.

Then the chief said something about needing an ICS form to be able to prosecute batman, but he had got the real batman to fill out an ICS form on behalf of the woman so the woman could get him prosecuted. (Kind of a punishment for the batman because he has to fill out the form so he can be prosecuted and also saves the woman having to do any paperwork). The real batman said something like he'd get the woman. The chief said the form just needed signing by the woman.

Then the woman said that the ICS form had all her personal details on, and she realised that the chief was working with the real batman and by getting him to fill out the form for her had given the real batman her home address etc. so he could kidnap her kids etc. Then the woman shot the chief and batman.

Then someone opened or closed their door in real life and woke me up at about 4.20am. I tried to get back to sleep and thought that the dream story was okay, but obviously the baddie bloke shouldn't be batman and when the woman realises it's a trick she should shoot the chief and the fake baddie (who would be standing behind the desk with the chief), and the real baddie could be slightly behind them. Then she jumps behind the desk and has a shoot out with the police officers while the real baddie slips off through a side door.

I couldn't get back to sleep so I got up about 4.45am. Had a shower etc and ate breakfast - I was totally hungry. It was dark and overcast so not very light as well. Went on my comp and the Brighton HipHop Festival website still isn't working, so I went on the Brighton HipHop website, and on there it said the long section of grafiti in the New England quarter development by Brighton train station was re-done last weekend, and also someone had got annoyed by them re-doing it and bombed it! That's totally annoying since I really wanted to see them doing it, and now I can't see it at all.

After that I went on my comp, sorting panos and processing a few panos / hdrs. Then me and dad went out on a short walk just through fields to the west of Washbrooks, then across and down bedlam lane, carry straight on and then go left into the fields south of the high street, then up until we came out at the Village park / green, then home. Went we down manor road we saw a peacock:

But I did nae see any pea-chicks what Shaz said she had seen. We also saw some South Downs Lambs, I guess they will be killed soon:

After we came home about 11.30am I went on my comp for a bit more, then we had lunch about 12pm. After that I played on a Mario World level Ben had edited on lunar magic to have tons of baddies and also instead of turtle shells the koopas had mario heads. Then I went and watched the St. Lawrence Fair Parade about 1pm and took some raddish photos because it's a raddish parade.

Then I copied the photos to my PC and also had this skill photo of a totally cheese item - someone gave the No One Quite Like Grandma song to their Grandma as a present!?!

After that I went on my PC and sorted out some photos. I started to do some work work but my PC at work kept having an 'internal error' and disconnecting me. Then about 5pm we had dinner.

After dinner I cleared the table and did washing up, then I did some more picture sorting, then watched Azumi 2. At 9pm I was going to watch Coast, but then it was a repeat of 1 from a couple of weeks ago instead of a repeat of last weeks (which I missed). So I just did some more work work instead. Went to bed about 10.30pm.

Breakfast: Crunchy nut cornflakes, cup o' tea.
Breakfast 2: Pop Tart, cup o' tea.
Lunch: Ham & salad sandwich, cheese and salad sandwich, plum, satsuma, breakaway.
Dinner: Home made chicken pie, peas, potatoes, gravy. Rhubarb crumble for pudding. Coffee.

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