Monday, 23 July 2007


Haven't had time to do my blog lately as have been packing everything apart from the stuff I will need in the next 2 ½ weeks until we move. Took age cheese to pack eveneux and also was annoying because I have had to put cds and dvds etc. randomly in boxes to make use of all the space in boxes, which messes it up since before all my dvds, cds etc were in alphabetical order but now they're just random.

Now have loads more space in my room and have taken down most of the shelves. Quite skill really since I have taken all my cds and some other stuff down from the loft, so actually have more in my room than I did before. Suzanne has been on holiday since Friday, so not had much work to do which is gokos. Just have a couple of reasonably urgent things to do, then quite a few longer term projects. Can't really do much at the Tom Moment though 'cause ML was using my office PC earlier and now it's been switched off!?!

Ann and Peter Wilson are staying over in Ben's room tonight, and Jon went up to Jason Kilby's wedding on Friday, and should be back on Wednesday. Me & rad might go a walk tomorrow if the weather's okay, I just checked and it might be.

We had dad's church leaving do on Sunday afternoon, and I got thanked for doing the notices and chairs and got a £25 WHSmith voucher, so that was very kind of the church. Also mum got some M&S vouchers and Dad got a painting of Jack & Jill which is gokos. Not sure if it is as gokos as 'Tom Bombadil - The Martian Orchestra' though.

Breakfast: Strawberry Jam Toast Sandwich, cup o' tea, Special gingerbread Shaz got from the Lake District.
Lunch: Bits of pizza, sausage rolls, a piece of quiche and a vegetable roll, 2 x small cakes (leftovers from yesterday).
Dinner: Minced beef & dumplings, gravy, mixed veg, potatoes. Pudding was left over rich fruit cake from yesterday.

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