Sunday, 29 July 2007

Heroes 3

Haven't been able to do my blog lately as I've been playing HOMM3 with Jine in the evening (when I normally do my blog). I did want to play HOMM2, but it wouldnae install. HOMM3 installed okay, it crashes every so often which is annoy-cheese, but it autosaves regularly and we always save at the end of each go so is alright.

I have quite a bad cold (snotty and tiredness rather than coughy) so have been getting up quite late, having a shower etc. and then going to bed again. Also I went on a couple of walks with dad.

Have done a bit of work work, but not much - on Thursday I couldn't connect to my work PC even though it was switched on, and on Friday I could connect but adminspare3 was logged in so I couldn't login as it would throw them out. Then they switched the PC off on Friday at 5pm so I couldn't login on Fri evening or over the spleenkend.

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