Saturday, 7 July 2007


Got up at 6.20am, had a shower and had breakfast with Ben.

Went on my comp, and converted the pano photos from Thursday's walk to TIFFs using DXO. While that was working I went on the pinternet. Then I backed up all the Need sorting files, My downloads files and Useful files & progs files. By the time it had finished I had a headache so I went to bed again at pobasquish 9am.

I got up again at 11.20am and had a cup o' tea and chocolate muffin with Jon and Ben (Ben gave Jon some shocolate chicken muffins for his B-day). After that I went on my comp for a bit and downloaded the latest version of PTGUI (the beta version I was using expired on 1st July). Then I did a few PTGUI projects for the panos from Thursday. After a bit my headache got too bad and I went to bed again.

I got up again about 3.30pm and had another shower because I was all smelt of B.O. dead bad from being in bed. Then I watched a bit of Pan's labyrinth with Jon while Ben was doing some stop motion lego animation downstairs. When Ben finished making the animation on my comp me and Jon and Ben all watched it, then we watched some videos on Youtube. Then mum came in and said Ben had to go on a walk.

Since my headache was still quite bad I thought hopefully it might get better if I went on a walk so I went on a walk with Ben and we went down Cuckfield Road towards Burgers Hill, then left across some fields, then up Langton Lane, then along Albourne road back towards Hurst, then down Western Road, then right down Weald Close, then came back out on Cuckfield Road and went home. Maybe one day I will put a google map with a tracklog on it here if I can be bov-cheese (pobasquish nae). I took nearly all the photos with a 0.6 split ND filter because my polarising filter did nae seem to make much difference.

When we got home we had dinner, which was delee barbequed kebabs, what mum bought off the local butcher at the top of the road for £10 for 5. Bit of a trip off, but they were delee. She had barbequed them on a co-op barbeque tray thing she found in a bin. I was totally hungry since I did nae have any lunch.

After dinner I did some washing up and then Jon drove me, mum and Ben up to Jack & Jill Windmills and we went for a short walk. Again, I took most of my photos with the 0.6 Split ND filter. Now I just have even more photos I need to sort through and process.

We got home about 8.20pm. I wanted to go out again so I could take some photos of the sun set when it happened, but first I had a bowl of ice cream because I was dead thirsty. Really I wanted a lollipop but we did nae have any. While I ate the ice cream I watched futurama with Ben. When it finished it was 9pm and I think the sun had already set, so I could nae be bov-cheese to go out and try and take a sunset photo. There weren't many clouds so I don't think there was much of a sunset to see. By the time futurama had finished, my headache had nearly gone, although I had been taking quite a couple of paracetemols every few hours throughout the day.

Then I took all my camera stuff upstairs, copied the pics from my FZ5 to my comp and read the beano. I also did the last PTGUI project files for the panos from Thursday. Then I backed up all the 'Need sorting' files again. Now I am going to put the PTGUI projects for Thursday's panos into the batch stitcher and go to bed while it stitches them overnight.

Breakfast: Cinnamon Grahams, cup o' tea.
11.30am snack: Chocolate muffin the mule, cup o' tea.
Afternoon snack: Satsuma.
Dinner: Chicken Kebab, quarter of a jacket potato, piece of pork from a pork kebab, 2 x buns with marg. Pudding was Strawberry Pavlova. Lemon & Lime carbonated water to drink. Banana.

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