Thursday, 12 April 2007

Bodiam Castle

I went to Bodiam (Roy) Castle (of Record Breakers fame) with my mum & little brother. It took totally age-cheese to get there. In the moat there were carp (carpe diem) and donald ducks, and my little brother George Best up in some armour fullstop I took some more panos so it will pobasquish take the rest of the niggy week for me to Ben loves po-cess them.

After looking round we went to the cafe and I ate a large slice of Shocolate Chicken sponge cake with shocolate chicken butter D-Ream and a jimmy lad in your ear. Some donald ducks went under a table!!!!!

When I got home I sorted some photos and watched lost s03e16 which was obva-squish, both in general plotline & what people were going to say.

Then I ate dinner. Then me & my brothers watched SUPER MARIO BROS which was quite skill a dill at being T-rash. I rated it Dixie Chicks on IMDB but Ben says it was Jeff Goldblumintely a Sean Penn.

My brother also did a look alike of the family photo I took the other day:

Also, while I am writing this I am listening to Makke who my brother says is T-rash but they sound as alright as Jeff Albright to He-man with the magic key people. THAT WOULD BE SO SKILK 103.2!

Ulti, now it's a ska version of Scooby Doo theme. Anyway, food I ate today:
Breakfast: Orange marmalade toast & cup o' tea
Elevenses: Cup o' tea & posh cookie miguel waved at me
Lunch: Shocolate Chicken cake & a pot of National Trust Tea
Dinner: Beans & little sausages that come in the tin with the beans, cheese & ham quiche, potato, green beans. For pudding I had 2 slices of funeral lemon cake & 1 slice of funeral other cake.
I also had numerous cups of tea, but at Bodiam Castle my mum had made me a thermos flask of tea and the thermos made it taste yuck slush so I threw the thermos away when I got home HOW DARE IT DEFILE THE TASTE OF TEA

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