Friday, 13 April 2007

Panos & Die Hard

I was very interested to see that I can now blog in Hindi, but I can't find the blog in Hindi button un-wheel-of-fourtune-tetley-tea.

Watched Mio Mao as unusual.

This morning and part of this afternoon I prepared the PTGUI project files of the panos I took yesterday. Then I played on Pacman for about 20secs and lost more score on Wii Bowling.

Ben, moohar & silly farthner went to Amberley Chalk Pits Museum. Ben said he went on a small tram and a small train and it was good.

This afternoon I watched Die Hard 3 which was good like lemon pud.

This evening I did the Choich notices. Sad bad rad de pad dad's printer didn't work so I had to put them on a floppy disk and print them from the computer at Choich straight into the photocopier. On the PC it had loads of Ben's stuff like a raddish animated gif of an egg cracking and some duck feet coming out of it that he made in ImageReady a Christmas Pageant ago. It also had ZSNES and RPG Maker 2003 on it and various other Benified stuff.

I also looked at getting a new PC, getting loads of RAM is dead expensive. Also I forgot to mention before, but after I went to the wildlife reserve on Tuesday I forgot to copy the pics on to my comp de la pomp and so formatted the memory card and deleted them all. Doh! Doh! Ben loves Po.

The CB2530 headphones I was watching on ebay ended at £43.51 - trip off. One I was watching (to be this good takes) ages ago had a starting price of about £5 and ended with no bids but I forgot to bid for them and since then they seem to keep getting more and more expensive. Annoycheese.

Breakfast: Orange marmalade toast sandwich & cup o' tea
Nineses: 2 mini shocolate chicken coated doh! nuts!
Tenses: Raspberry Danish & cup of Kofi without a nan
Lunch: Part of a bagette with cheddar cheese and salad. Muffin w/ Raspberry jam. Lemon funeral cake. Cup o' tea. Orange & Apple.
Afternoon snack: Muffin w/ Strawberry jam & cup o' tea.

Dinner: Burger that had totally tons of fat that dripped on my hands so I squeezed it for a bit and squeezed loads of fat out of it. It also had a hard bit that hurt my teeth (pobasquish some bone) and gristle. The burger was in a bun with tom ketch and salad. I also had a cup o' minestrone soup. Pudding was a shocolate chicken eclair - delee.

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