Friday, 20 April 2007


Forgot to do my blog yesterday but I just went to work, then came home, did housework, looked at hard drives on the pinternet then went to bed.

Today we had staff photos at work, but I forgot to bring a tie so I had to go to a British Heart Foundation Charity shop on Boundary Road in my lunch break and buy a tie. They had quite gokos ties in there and I bought one for like 2 quid or maybe 2.50 I cannae remember jimmy jimmy lad lad jimmy jimmy lad, jimmy laaaaaaad. The photographer had a D200 and I think maybe an 18-70dx (It was a black DX lens anyway). He hadn't got his card reader so I lent him mine so he could empty his CFs cards & re-use them. Photos of me will be skilk 103.2 as my hair is all messed up from where my bike helmet goes and I look like a jimmy lad anyway.

Now I just bought all the components for my new PC, although un-Leo-Fortune-West-lately some of the stuff was Dartmoor expensive.

Now I'm going to bed cause I am sleep-cheese.

Breakfast: Strawberry Jam Toast sandwich, banana, cup o' tea
Lunch: Ham sandwich, Cheddar sandwich, apple, 2 x just going mouldy oranges
Jin-the-pinner: Battered fish portion, potato, baked beans, mushrooms, vinegar, black pepper. Orange juice. Meals on Wheels Bakewell tart with custard that didn't really taste of oat. Coffee.

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