Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Processing panos

On Good Friday I went to Borde Hill Gardens and took 15 panos.

Saturday I processed some of the panos.

Easter Sunday I processed some of the panos. My dad also made me take a family photo and my little brother made a chipmunk face:

Easter Monday I processed some of the panos.

Tuesday we went to a wildlife reserve in Horsham and saw a few birds, although we didn't stay there for very long. Then we went to see my grandad in Ripley. When we got home I managed to process about 1 pano.

Wednesday (today) I finished processing the panos, although some of them could still do with a few adjustments. I also watched 'United 93' which was boring and rubbish and 'The Good, the bad and the Ugly' which was quite gokos (good). Some people came round which meant I couldn't get any tea most of the morning and I got a headache and felt sleepy and thirsty due to lack of tea.
All week I have kept telling my family that I need a new PC as most of time processing panos is actually waiting for my PC to load and save images. I have also been using more cheese language as used by my little brother.

Food today
Breakfast: Toast with lime marmalade & cup o' tea
Elevenses: Choc chip cookie, hobnob & coffee
Lunch: 3 Cheese on Toasts, orange, apple, lemon cake, chocolate digestive bar, cup o' tea
Afternoon snack: Orange, cup o' tea
Dinner: Pizza, Roast potato, Potato wedges, mixed veg, Goodfellas hot chicken pizza without the hot powder you're meant to sprinkle on it. For pudding we had sultana sponge & custard. Then I had a couple of coffees and a piece of Cadburys bubbly chocolate that my lil' bro' (song by 57th Dynasty) gave me.
I also drank lots of tea throughout the afternoon.

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