Saturday, 28 August 2010

Cleaning my camera sensor

This morning I checked a couple of my panos that I'd been working on for the past week for dust spots. Thankfully I didn't see any evidence of dust spots, but I did find a blending error in both, so I fixed them, then re-uploaded the relevant images to my photo and pano websites.

While they were uploading, I tried cleaning my D200's sensor, and ended up using 2 visible dust sensor swabs doing a wet clean.

In the afternoon and evening I processed some insect photos, and also checked the remaining 3 of the panos I'd been working on last week, and was relieved not to find any dust spots. And I didn't notice any other problems with them that I'd missed either.

I also uploaded one of the images to various photo sharing sites, then discovered that the description was wrong, it said the field was near Lubenham, when it should be East Farndon. No idea how I made that mistake, but now I need to change it on all the photo sharing websites I've uploaded it to, the original images, my photo website, my photo website blog, and my pano website.

I can't be bothered with all that now, so I'll do it tomorrow.

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