Sunday, 15 August 2010

Waiting in a carpark in Corby

This morning I cut out some pogs in Photoshop and went to Church.

After dinner I updated my pog website, then the whole family went out to Corby. Waiting in a car park for half an hour was quite boring, but I was entertained by a quote from P Robably that was on one of the buildings - The Best Jobs In Town.

After waiting in the car park for Mauser to buy a book for £7 from WHSmith's that he could have P Robably bought for 25p from the Oxfam shop across the road from the car park, we eventually went off to Rockingham. We went on a walk in Rockingham, mostly through the countryside rather than the village, and saw lots of different insects.

We got back home about 5pm I think, then I worked on a youtube poop for the rest of the day. Mauser and Ben had challenged me to make one since I always say that they should do ones of different things, but they say it's too hard. And I must admit, it is actually a lot harder to make a youtube poop than you would think.

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