Friday, 27 August 2010

Stuff taking too long

This morning I processed some photos while waiting for the panos I've been processing the last few days to upload to my photo website.

I spent most of the afternoon and evening preparing the panos for my pano website, and updating that. I've no idea how it managed to take so long, but it did.

In the afternoon I also watched an episode of Chōjin Sentai Jetman with L. And in the evening I watched 3 episodes of Power Rangers with L.

When I'd finally finished updating my pano website I wrote a blog post for my photo website about the walk I took the panos on. And then I did a backup.

Annoyingly, when preparing one of the last panos for the pano website, I found that it had a dust spot. Very likely this dust spot also appears in all the other panos, but I just didn't notice it somehow (and it will appear 7 times in each pano - once in each of the 6 shots around, and once in the zenith shot).

So I will have to check the panos to see if they all have the dust spot, fix it, and then re-upload the photos. Doh!

There was also a really good sunset today, but I didn't want to go out taking more photos when I hadn't even finished uploading the panos I took last time I went for a walk. I still have lots of recent insect photos to process as well, not to mention the extremely large amount of older photos that are now so old (about a year and older) I've designated them as low priority.

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