Thursday, 26 August 2010

Pano processing and metadataring

Today I was just finishing off processing the panos that I took a few days ago.

I managed to finish them by mid afternoon, then needed to add descriptions, keywords etc. to them. One of the photos was of a field that has a development sign in it, and I thought this sign might give some info about the field and location. So I went out for a walk in the rain to look at this sign, since it's not too far away from where I live.

Unfortunately, the sign didn't really give any info other than confirming that it was Farndon fields (Farndon fields farm shop is indented into the field, so this wasn't too hard to guess).

I spent the rest of the afternoon and most of the evening researching online the locations of the different images, but didn't find much helpful.

One thing I did find out today though, is that you can create symbolic links (different to shortcuts) in Windows. I was trying to use the Super Cubic plugin to patch the nadir on one of the panos, but when I used it, I got an error that it couldn't save the settings.

This is due to Windows 7 security settings - the Photoshop plugins folder is in the Program Files location, and you need administrator privileges to be able to write files there. One solution would be to run Photoshop as an administrator so it has privileges necessary. But I saw in the plugins folder that the Topaz plugins just use shortcuts to the plugin folders, which are actually saved elsewhere.

So I thought I'd just save the plugin in my Useful files folder (which I had already done), and create a shortcut to it from the Photoshop plugins folder. But I got a message that I couldn't create shortcuts in the Photoshop plugins folder.

So I googled to see if it was possible to create the shortcut from the command line, but couldn't find anything until I stumbled across Mklink. And Mklink actually creates a symbolic link rather than a shortcut. It would be interesting to see if it can be used to create filepaths longer than the arbitrary 260 character limit.

The weather was rainy all day today (there might have been a half hour break in the morning). It was only light misty rain until the evening, when it got a bit heavier.

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