Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Helping L make a youtube poop

This morning I checked some more website stats, then spent most of the morning and afternoon helping L make a Tommy Wiseau Green Ranger youtube poop.

After that I checked my email, and attempted to update my Facebook fan page and twitter, but the internet was incredibly slow from L uploading the video to youtube.

Eventually I got fed up of the internet not working so I took a photo of POG The Game that I received a few weeks ago, and updated my Pog website with it.

By the time I'd done that the internet was working, so I updated my Facebook fan pages and twitter accounts.

After dinner me, L, and Mauser watched an episode of Star Trek TOS.

The rest of the evening I was trying to install the Geo::IP Perl Module so that I could get visitor breakdown by country in awstats. While I eventually got it to build in Ubuntu, I got an error when building it on the web server, so I posted in the GeoLite forums: Problem building Geo::IP Perl Module.

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