Saturday, 21 August 2010

Google Map and Earthing

The last few days I've been busy looking at PHP server side marker clustering solutions for google earth and google maps.

I found two example scripts, I was surprised I couldn't find more, as I'm sure this must be a relatively common job when working with google maps and earth. I found this one (on the web archive - the actual links in the message are still live, but the website the message was posted on has disappeared) and this one.

The first one I got working after a bit of hacking, but it is based around showing a certain number of points rather than geographic spread of points. This means if your marker count is set to a maximum of 80, and you're viewing a location where all the points are in one place, you'll get around 80 points all in the same place, instead of just 1 point.

The second one I couldn't get working properly.

I think I will try hacking the two together.

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