Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Moth photoing and Pano processing

I was hoping to carry on processing my panos from the other day this morning, but found my shower drain was a bit blocked. So I had to spend a while cleaning all the hairs out of the shower drain.

After breakfast I put the washing out on the line and had a quick look round the garden.

Then I remembered that I'd captured a moth I found in the house last night, so I decided to take a few photos of it. But when I moved it to the window sill in my bedroom, to get a nice white flat surface to photograph it on, it decided to go on a walk and fell off behind my bedside cabinet.

So I moved my bedside cabinet out and could only see a dead moth and lots of dirt. I vacuumed up behind the cabinet, then found the moth, which I managed to get back into a position suitable for photographing.

Somehow, a moth that had been a spider's meal had appeared on my windowsill near the moth I was photographing, so I took a few photos of that too.

I put the live moth in a bush in the garden, then checked my email, then wrote this blog post so far. It's now 11.17am, so I'm not doing too well at executing my original plan of processing panoramas this morning.

The rest of the day I was just working on the panos. Annoyingly Photoshop crashed when I hadn't saved for ages, so I had to re-do quite a bit of work on one of the panos. I managed to get 3 or 4 panos processed today.

The weather today started off sunny, but clouded over quite quickly. It was overcast most of the morning and quite a bit of the afternoon, then rained for the rest of the day.

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