Monday, 23 August 2010

Various stuff

Most of this morning and a bit of the afternoon I did some more work on server side marker clustering for google maps and google earth.

The code spits out some clusters, but I'm not sure whether it's working properly as it produces a different number of clusters each time I run it! I need to create a google map to actually see the markers it is producing as I can't visualise it from the var_dump of the clustered markers array.

Mid morning Mauser went off on his Europe trip, and Shaz went back to Sussex. Before Mauser went though, he showed me this amazing video:

The rest of the afternoon and a bit of the evening I was adding descriptions to and processing various photos. I spent quite a while researching the mites that travel on Aphodius rufipes.

Then I went out about 7pm to try and get a photo of a nearby farm building in the evening light. I had taken a pano there a couple of weeks ago during twilight, but I hadn't set the exposure properly and the images were all too dark. So I wanted to take the pano again, but exposed properly.

But when I got there, all the rubbish that gave the place a lot of character had been removed. So I took a pano from a slightly different spot, though nearby, where there was a lot of old pots.

I then walked across the fields towards East Farndon. When I got to the field near Lubenham Road and East Farndon, the sun went behind a cloud. So I waited there for a while for the sun to come back out, then took a couple of panos there.

Then I walked back along Lubenham road towards Lubenham, and took a couple more panos shortly after sunset. I took one last pano near the house on that road, then walked back home along the old railway line.

Unfortunately the old railway line was rather wet due to the rain we've had recently, and I couldn't see where was wet and where was dry very well due to it being dark. Although I stepped in quite a few puddles and mud, my feet didn't actually get wet. The bottoms of my jeans are wet though.

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