Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Head Ache

Woke up feeling really sleepy, wished it was the weekend so I could sleep in. Cycled to work. Drank lots of tea as normal and got a headache. Stayed till 6 to start setting up a replacement PC for the one that broke the other day.

Came home, did washing up & made my sandwiches for Tom Morrow. He loves my sandwiches. Ate dinner & went on Deviant art, Luminous Landscape and Panoguide. Spent the rest of the evening trying to find info on writing dynamic menus in PHP.

Breakfast: Strawberry Jam toast, banana, cup o' tea.
Lunch: 2 x Cheddar cheese with Sweet & Crunchy salad sandwiches, 2 x clementines, apple.
Dinner: Cheese & Tomato Pizza, chips. Pudding was Mars Ice cream and I also ate a Twix finger & a flake. Coffee.

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totalskills said...

woah thats totally exciting. even my day seems action packed in comparison. at least you ate some nice ice cream. i got some mackies real cream ice cream - deli!