Saturday, 26 May 2007

Not a lot

Got up at 6.30am, although I was quite sleepy because I had been awake quite a bit of the night because it was so hot. Ate breakfast with Ben and saw a house sparrow.

Watched TV with Ben, a super mario repeat, then watched Cyberchase. I installed the BT Wifi USB adapter on Ben's PC to see if it could make his PC connect to the modem but it couldnae. Then I remembered that my PC doesnae connect to it properly under WinXP so I thought it might be a problem with the modem. I switched it off for a bit then switched it on again but it still didnae work.

I tried to install the wifi drivers for my PC in OpenSuse but it had some errors about not having permission when I tried to install them, even though I was logged in as root. I thought maybe ndiswrapper and the windows drivers might work, so I tried that but got the same error when trying to install ndiswrapper.

So I think I will give up on Linux and OSX until I get a new PC or they bring out new versions that are easier to use and compatible with my PC. For the moment I will leave OpenSUSE and Win XP installed, and then if I never need them I will get rid of them.

Since I'd decided not to use Linux I reformatted the storage partition of my HD to NTFS (It was FAT32 so that Linux and OSX would be able to read it). This took about 4 or 5 hours to format though, which was age-cheese. I didnae want to do other stuff to the hard drive while it was reformatting, so I stopped Azureus from downloading Lost, which it was downloading to a different partition.

While the partition was being formatted I tidied my room, putting some paperwork away and filling out a national trust Direct Debit form because the person who signed me up had put the wrong sort code for my bank on the form (I didnae think they'd be able to get a DD set up just using the details from my debit card). That' quite annoy-cheese really since my piece of paper that I was meant to use as a membership card until I got my proper membership card was only valid for 1 month and so has run out now. So until I get the new membership card I won't be able to visit any national trust places for free, and it'll pobasquish be a christmas pageant until they've set up the new Direct Debit, taken the money and sent me the membership card.

I hoovered my room. Went through all my new PC boxes to sort out what bits I will need to keep when we move and what bits I can throw away. I got the Yamaha DJX II Keyboard and DJX IIB boxes down from the loft and also another big box. I put lots of bubble wrap and other packing material in the big box, so when we're packing we can just get stuff from there and then throw the rest away when we're finished. I dusted off all the boxes. Then I ate lunch.

After lunch I dusted off the DJXII Keyboard, I had to use an old toothbrush to get most of the dust out of all the grooves. Then I took some photos of it and the box for use if I try to sell it on ebay. I got the DJXIIB scratch CD and put in my PC and copied the videos off it so I can use them if I try to sell that on ebay too. Then I took the teletubbies CD off the DJXIIB and replaced it with the scratch CD, then took some photos of it and the box. I tested the DJXIIB and Keyboard with both the KPA9 power adaptors as well to make sure they all worked okay and they did. Then I pack the DJXIIB and Keyboard away in their boxes.

By this time my PC was done formatting the storage partition so I beed a jimmy lad and hit someone on the ear with a chocolate bar. After that I uploaded the Yamaha videos to Youtube:


That took a million years because the original files are quite a lot of megabytes.

I connected up the main HD from my old PC and copied across all the files I need / might need. Then I had dinner and did the washing up afterwards.

Next I connected up my downloads HD from my old PC and copied that across. While the files were copying I went on the pinternet. Then I copied across my Music HD from my old PC and watched CSI: New York on channel 5 while it copied.


Breakfast: Cinnamon Grahams, cup o' tea.

Lunch: Breaded ham with crisp and crunchy salad sandwich, cheddar cheese with crisp and crunchy salad sandwich, freshly baked home-made french style bread (kind of spongy, bit like a crumpet) with Strawberry Jam (Delee), cup o' tea.

Afternoon snack: Rich fruit cake, cup o' tea.
Dinner: Shepherds pie, mixed veg, gravy, tom ketch. Pudding was totally delee Carte d'or yoghurt icecream strawberry flavoured stuff.

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