Sunday, 27 May 2007

Nearly got my comp working

Woke up at 7am. Plugged in my 500GB USB2 Drive and started to copy my pictures across to my PC.

Had a shower etc and then watched Big Cook Little cook with Ben. Ate breakfast with Ben. Went on my comp and the pics had finished copying across. I started to sort out what files I had copied across from all my other hard drives I actually need, and doing stuff like putting all the music in the same folder etc.

Luckily I didnae have to go to openair service in Burgess Hill because there wasnae enough room in the car. Apparently it stopped raining while the service was on, although it rained before and after the service while mum & pops was setting up and unsetting down.

When Clare and Brian got back they had lunch. I wasn't feeling very well so I didnae have much. Then I went to bed for a bit. After a while I went to sleep, then after I'd had a sleep I felt a bit better and got up. I was a bit hungry so I had a cup o' tea and some cake.

I went on my comp a bit more, and then went to afternoon church. There was meant to be a barbeque afterwards, but it was raining so we just had stuff cooked in the oven. The burger was nice but I didnae like the sausage much. I helped Ben make a raddish candle using some soft wax that you can mould with your hands.

After church I ate some more food and went on my comp a bit more, downloaded and installed some more programs. Watched Lost season 3 finale - pretty skilk. The flashback bit was wierd because it had Jack & Kate not on the island but talking to each other about the island and Jack was saying he wanted to go back. Jack had a beard as well. Jack also said in a flashback that the hospital could fire him if he was more drunk than his father.
So either:
1. Jack & Kate had already been to the island and new each other before they crashed there.
2. It was actually a flash forward, and Jack seeing his father on the island was real and his father gets rescued with them.
3. It was a flash forward and Jack is just delusional about his father still being alive (although no-one says his father is dead when he says about him).

After watching lost I tried stitching a pano I took at Bodiam castle a christmas pageant ago but I havnae had time to do any panos for a christmas pageant. I downloaded and installed the latest version of quicktime, but the pano wouldnae display. I downloaded devalvr viewer and luck slush that works fine.


Breakfast: Cinnamon Grahams, 2 x Strawberry jam toast sandwiches, cup o' tea.
Dinner: Cheese twist (like a cheese straw), coffee, paracetamol.
Afternoon snack: Rich fruit cake, cup o' tea.
Dinner: Burger in bun with sweet and crunchy salad and Tom Ketch, sausage in roll with sweet and crunchy salad and Tom Ketch, cup o' tea, mars ice cream, rich fruit cake.
Supper: Nice cream, A crunchy chocolate biscuit belonging to a fox, cold chocolate milk.

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