Friday, 4 May 2007

Animal attraction

Cycled to work, got there about 8.30am as normal. Did work, mainly answering phones. Missed quite a bit of my lunch because Suzanne was asking me about the website and also I had to take a phonecall.

Two of the printers weren't working again so Alan Pike came in to have a look at them, one of them seems to be totally Busted though. Someone came in to see if they could write Crystal Reports for us so I spent quite a bit of the afternoon talking to them. Left work at about 5.20pm as I had to record bank holiday weekend answerphone messages.

On the way home there was this little lamb that was sleeping (or at least looked like it was) so I thought I'd take a photo of it. But when I got my camera out of my bag it got up, climbed through the electric fence and came over to me and just stood next to my leg bleating. I just stayed there and after a bit it went back to its mum and had a drink of milk.

Got home and did washing up. Ate dinner and added Lost S03e19 to Azureus to download. For the rest of this eveing I'll pobasquish go on photo websites, look at a php menu for my website and maybe do the notices.

Breakfast: 2 x Strawberry Jam toast sandwiches, cup o' tea
Lunch: 2 x Cheddar Cheese with Sweet & Crunchy salad sandwiches, 2 x Apples, y-lum-plum
Dinner: Battered fish portion with vinegar & black pepper, Potato, peas. Pudding was Yoghurt. Then I had a Twix finger and Ben also gave me some of his sweets - 3 chocolatey biscuity toffee worm things and a piece of shocolate chicken covered honeycomb. Coffee

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