Tuesday, 8 May 2007


I did make google maps and treemenu links work together yesterday, but because the node ids are dynamic I can't make a link in the text to just one node. I had a look on the treemenu website and it seems it is possible to manually assign xIDs to the nodes. I spent most of last night awake thinking about it which was annoy-cheese and meant I was dead sleepy this morning.

Drove to work because it was windy and looked like it was going to rain. Got there about 8.05am and amazingly there were still loads of parking spaces outside RAC. Later Catherine said that recently there have still been spaces there when she gets in (around 9am).

Before 9am I downloaded the treemenu demo pack on my work PC to try and get it working with manually assigned xIDs, but I couldn't make it work. Sally told Luke, who is temping at the moment to talk to me about my job since he might be interested in taking over my position. Had a chat with him and seems quite a good candy date - he knows HTML and has used access, sage and has also done some basic programming in flash.

At lunch I checked my email and got one this morning from tekheads saying they have received my broke mobo I sent them. I wanted to work on the treemenu thing a bit more to try and make it work but didn't have enough time because the phone kept going and when Lyra was on the phone there wasn't anyone else to pick up the extra phonecalls. I also cashed in my pigsback CD-WOW voucher and bought:

Whole New World, A

DVD Region 2
LazyTown: Surprise Santa & Other Stories

DVD Region 2
Big Cook Little Cook: Welcome To Our Cafe

DVD Region 2
Bobinogs - Sounds Sensational And Other Stories

Usually despatched within 7 days
Total Order Value
Redeemed Gift Voucher

Did more work, mainly answering the dog and bone. At 5pm I had to pick up about 5 calls from the voicemail and then call 2 of them back, so I only left work about 5.20pm. Drove home.

Got home about 5.45pm. Made my sandwiches for tomorrow. Did the washing up, and Trashic FM untuned itself so I just listened to static. Went on Deviantart, pigsback and panoguide. Ate Dan's Diner.

Edited the Treeview files again, messed around with them for quite a bit but still couldn't get it to work properly. Looked at another Tree Menu system that's free. After looking at some of the code etc. It doesn't appear to remember what link you last clicked on as well as TreeView. I think I will need to implement the LargeNodes version of TreeView. Hopefully this will work okay, although the code looks a bit more complicated that the FramelessHili version I was using before.

Breakfast: Raspberry Jam toast sandwich, cup o' tea
Lunch: Ham with Sweet and crunchy salad sandwich, Cheddar cheese with Sweet and crunchy salad sandwich, apple 2 x satsumas.
Dinner: Sausage quiche, peas, potato. Pudding was a Viennese Whirl and Ben gave me a piece of chocolate covered honeycomb.
Supper: Caramel Tea (with milk), custard cream, nice cream.

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