Sunday, 20 May 2007

Being bored & watching kids TV

Had a bit of a lie in, got up about 7.30am. I couldn't get OSX to imstall yesterday so I went on the pinternet to try and find a solution. It seems I need to either install OSX through VMware or using an external USB DVD drive (that I don't have) because my motherboard doesn't have a dedicated IDE controller. It also seems that I will have to patch the ISO so that it will recognise my motherboard's RAID controller. I am downloading the latest (I think) version of OSX x86, so when that is finished (hopefully sometime on Monday) I will see how it goes.

Went to church in the morning, had to do the chairs afterwards. After church I wanted to watch Lost S03e21 which I had downloaded. So I had to install the soundcard drivers in XP, but then Windows Media player 9 didn't sync the audio and video correctly. So I downloaded VLC Media player, but that didn't play any audio at all. So I had to reboot into Vista and install the soundcard drivers and VLC Media player in Vista, and I could watch it okay. It was quite gokos.

Partway through Lost I had dinner, then I finished watching it. After watching it I rebooted into XP to start Azureus downloading OSX again. Then I did washing up and cleared the table off. For the rest of the afternoon I watched Timothy goes to school, Come Outside, a bit of Doodle Doo, Big Cook Little cook and pobasquish some other stuff. I also went on the pinternet and watched some sparrows in the back garden.

After that I ate tea, and watched sparrows and a pigeon in the garden. Then I watched part of scrapheap challenge and storymakers - Blue cow went to a park in Croydon! I just check on pinternet and apparently big cook and little cook are the same people as the crash test dummy people what me and ben watched yesterday!! GOKOS SKILLS Ben says he thought they looked like them.

Breakfast: Strawberry Jam Toast Sandwich, cup o' tea.
Dinner: Burger in bun with Tom Ketch & Iceberg lettuce, minetsrone soup-in-a-mug. Pudding was a chocolate wafer bar and I also ate some easter egg. For a delightfully refreshing beverage I had a cup o' tea.
Tea: 3 x Cheeseo toasto o kudesai, part of a bruised banana, swiss roll, battenberg, tesco value chocolate digestive bar, cup o' tea.

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