Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Being bored

Drove to work. It was nice & sunny but the weather forecast said it would rain later and since my bike tyre was burst I could nae be bothered to cycle. Got to work about 8am, did washing up. After doing washing up but before 9am I did some pinternet searching about the problems I am having installing (K)ubuntu. I came across OpenSuse which sounds quite gokos. I read part of the pinstallation procedure for it in my lunch break as well.

Answered phones all day and went home at 5pm. It took me age-cheese to start my car because the key didnae want to turn for some cheesun. Got about about 5.30pm.

Started to download the web based install ISO for freeSUSE. Dad suggested I try and repair the inner tube on my burst bike tyre. We had a look at it and there was a bit bit of glass that had ripped through the tyre. There wouldnae be any point to repairing the innertube since it would just get burst through the hole in the tyre so I got my other bike and put the bell and front light mount on to it. The panier bags won't go on my new bike so if I use it I'll have to wear my rucksack and get a totally sweated back, but since I get changed when I get into work this shouldnae really matter.

After this ate jin-the-pinner. Then did washing up, clearing the table and making sandwiches. Tried the OpenSUSE CD but it wouldnae work. I think it needs a wired internet connection rather than wireless. Started to download the DVD version. My Bobinogs DVD arrived so I watched a couple of episodes of that with Ben on my PC. It looked a bit pixellated.

After this went on the pinternet and listened the songs what come with Vista. For the rest of the evening I will pobasquish just go on the pinternet more and then go bed even earlier than normal since I am sleep-cheese.

Breakfast: 2 x crumpets with fake I cannae believe its butter jim lad & honey, banana, cup o' tea
Lunch: Peppered ham sandwch, cheddar cheese with iceberg lettuce sandwich, 2 x satsumas, apple.
Dinner: Chicken dippers, flavoured rice. For pudding I had 2 x crumpets with fake I cannae believe its butter jim lad and honey, slice of battenberg cake. Coffee

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