Wednesday, 23 May 2007


Cycled to work, got there about 8.30am. Did work, answering phones, making queries on the database and telling Alan what we want in some Crystal Reports. Left work about 5.00pm.

Got home 5.55pm. Watched Story Makers while I ate dinner with Ben. Did washing up & made my sandwiches.

Installed various drivers in Vista and am now going to try to install the wireless adapter drivers in Linux. I have also been quite hayfevery.

Breakfast: 2 x Raspberry Jam toasts, cup o' tea.
Lunch: Ham sandwich, cheddar cheese with sweet and crunchy salad sandwich, Apple, 2 x Large Satsumas.
Dinner: Chicken pie, peas, carrots, potato, gravy. Pudding was swiss roll saoked with blackcurrant juice and covered in custard. Coffee.

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