Monday, 14 May 2007

Still can't install Linux

Drove to work, got there 8am. Did work, answering phones. Had to do overtime till 6pm so I could get out the Newsletter advertising packs. Got home about 6.30pm. Burned the Ubuntu Alternate AMD64 iso to a CD while I ate dinner. Tried to install it but it still won't recognise the RAID.

Did some pinternet searching and apparently you need to type in 'sudo dmraid -r' but I can't find where I'm meant to type this in. I posted on the Ubuntu forums but no-one has answered me so far.

Watched Lost, which was ulti. The bloke what recruited Juliet must be a wierd never getting old bloke. Also lots of other skill stuff.

Breakfast: Cookie crisp, cup o' tea
Lunch: Ham sandwich, cheddar cheese with Iceberg lettuce sandwich, apple, 2 x satsumas
Dinner: Chicken pie, gravy, mixed veg, potato. Pudding was trifle. Coffee.

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